Tip of the Week

17 May is another milestone in the unlocking of COVID restrictions but what does it mean to your hospitality business?

  • Indoor Opening – HURRAH! Maximum customers per table is 6 unless from same family. Table service only, face masks to be worn to enter premises and when moving around but not required when seated. Hand sanitiser available at entrance and near toilets.
  • Outdoor restrictions have eased for groups of up to 30 customers
  • Table service only (indoors and outdoors)
  • Track and Trace – all customers (indoors or outdoors) to scan NHS poster or provide you with their contact details
  • Condiments – use single use condiments or sanitise bottles after each customer
  • Hand washing – Staff should wash their hands on arrival at work, once they have changed in to their uniform, and as soon as they enter the kitchen. Then wash hands frequently throughout the day after each change in tasks and EVERY TIME they enter the kitchen.
  • Sanitise touchpoints throughout the day
  • Sanitise dining tables after each customer


The current restrictions and procedures are likely to be in place until the next lockdown review on 21 June. We will keep you updated.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that Hawaiian pizza does not originate from Hawaii – it comes from Canada!

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