Tip of the Week

Make sure you have a procedure in place to deal with an Alleged Food Poisoning Incident.  All staff should be aware of this procedure.

Points to include:-

All complaints must be referred to the Manager.  The Manager (or their designate) must collect the following information from the customer–

  • Customers name and contact details
  • Symptoms shown and duration
  • What the person has eaten, and at what time
  • Did anyone they were dining with have the same symptoms?  If so give details
  • What other food did they eat that day?
  • Have they visited the doctors?  If so, did they give a sample for testing?

Inform the customer you will undertake an investigation and you will get back to them in a couple of days.

Manager to check the following –

  • Verify (using till info) that the customer purchased this particular meal from your establishment
  • Has anyone else made a complaint?
  • Collect your food safety records and check everything is in order (fridge temperatures, core cooking temperatures, cooling temperatures)
  • Check the history of all the components of the meal in question – was it all stored at the correct temperature, was the food in date, was the food cooked to correct temperature, if cooled was it cooled within the correct time frame and then reheated to correct temperature?

Contact Food Safety Guru with all the above information and we will advise on the next appropriate steps.  Depending on the severity, you may need to alert the Environmental Health Inspector, but we will advise you on this.


Be polite.  Be professional.  Investigate.  DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that there are more than 1 million cases of food poisoning in the UK each year.  The main culprits are Salmonella and Campylobacter bacteria.

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