Tip of the Week

We are coming up to a very busy time of year when we often buy in new products and ingredients that differ from the normal menu to cater for parties and celebrations in the run up to Christmas.

Just a reminder to double check all ingredients to make sure your allergen Information is accurate.

  • Note all allergens contained in your raw ingredients (usually noted in BOLD on ingredient lists). Take care to check product ingredients as processed foods can contain surprising ingredients. For example, some processed turkey/ham/gammon contains milk solids. Some patés contain dairy, some pickles contain mustard or are marinated in mustard seeds, some gravy mix contains milk, some sausages contain milk/gluten/mustard.
  • Double check your deliveries for any substitute items as the ingredients may differ.
  • Note all allergens contained in any sauces, marinades, garnishes, etc.
  • Look at the preparation of the product – is it marinated, floured, battered, mixed with any other ingredients, cooked in a fryer previously used for frying products containing gluten? Note all allergens introduced during the preparation and cooking stage.
  • Include all allergens noted as “May Contain” on manufactured items
  • Is there any potential for cross contamination during preparation process (for example, marinades etc.)?


Update staff on any changes of allergens present in your dishes

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that milk is the number one common food allergy.  Milk is contained in many foods where you would not necessarily expect to find it, such as processed meats and deli meats, salad dressings, breads and burger rolls, chicken burgers (where the chicken has been marinated in buttermilk), cereals and sweets.