Tip of the Week

It is a good time to start the year off with some refresher Allergen Training for your kitchen team.

Tips to safely manage allergens in your kitchen

  • Check ALL ingredients and allergen information on packaged goods/sauces/spices, etc.
  • If the manufacturer states “may contain” you must also state “may contain” – NB – If a food is noted as “may contain”, it is not suitable for a person with that allergy.
  • Wash hands before preparing the food
  • Use a clean knife, board and utensils
  • Clean and sanitise work surfaces using sanitiser and blue roll (not cloths to avoid cross contamination)
  • Use a separate spread for gluten free food (just one breadcrumb can make a person allergic to gluten sick)
  • Do not cross contaminate ingredients (ie. separate batter for halloumi (milk), fish and onion rings, etc.)
  • Think about potential cross contamination during the cooking process (buns on chargrill for example)



For some people with a food allergy, just a trace of some allergens can be fatal.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that only 8 types of foods are responsible for causing 90% of allergic reactions. The main 8 foods are cows’ milk, eggs, fish, peanuts, shellfish, nuts, soya and wheat.