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There are 14 allergens that we are legally obliged to note in any of our dishes.  Of course, the people who eat our food could have allergies with any number of other ingredients we use in our kitchen, so it is essential we know exactly what is in the food we serve.


It is a legal requirement to note any of the 14 allergens contained in your dishes in written form. Here is a quick list to ensure you record this information accurately: –

  • The easiest way is to note all the information on an Allergen Matrix. Alternatively, you can note them directly on your menu.
  • List all your dishes. Check the ingredients that go into each dish.
  • Check the ingredients label on all manufactured ingredients being added into your dish.
  • Check all deliveries for substituted items. Check the product labels of these foods to ensure the food does not contain any allergens you are not aware of.
  • Ideally work from dish specifications, but ultimately train your kitchen team to be aware of what is contained in all your ingredients and dishes.
  • If you have a salad bar, place a sign by the food detailing the allergens the dish contains
  • When serving buffets, place a sign by all foods containing allergens and ensure the foods are kept separate.

Next week we will look at how you can safely manage allergens in your kitchen.


Good practice is to always have Front of House staff ask a customer if they have any allergies when taking an order.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that you can actually hear rhubarb grow?

A method called ‘rhubarb forcing’ involves putting your rhubarb in a dark shed, tricking it into thinking that it’s spring. This will cause the rhubarb to grow unnaturally large at an unnaturally fast pace. So fast that you can hear the rhubarb popping as it grows.

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