Tip of the Week

We know that frequent and effective handwashing is essential for food safety and maintaining a safe work place.

 But, when your staff wash their hands, are they really cleaning them or are they just re-contaminating their hands with bacteria and viruses after washing?

If you have hand operated taps, it is common for staff to turn on the taps (with dirty hands), wash hands, then turn of the taps with their clean hands which are now re-contaminated with bacteria and viruses from the tap.

If you have hand operated taps, your team MUST follow the correct procedure – after washing hands, turn off the tap with blue roll so hands are not re-contaminated.

Do not obstruct access to handwash sinks – make it easy for staff to wash their hands.


All handwash basins to be stocked with handwash soap and single use hand drying facilities – paper towels or blue roll.  All handwash basins and taps to be cleaned and sanitised frequently throughout the day.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that hands are the principal carriers of bacteria, germs and viruses?

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