Tip of the Week

This Tip of the Week is based on issues we frequently come across as we carry out our food safety audits and is an issue we see a lot – avoidable food wastage.

There are many reasons for food wastage from over prep, over order, service blunders etc. These are all mistakes and can happen. However, managing the USE BY dates of food is the best way to reduce wastage.

Follow these rules for reducing wastage resulting from USE BY dates.

As standard procedure, check fridges first thing in the morning – identify what foods have a USE BY date of today or tomorrow. If they are not likely to be used that day you have several choices –

  1. Inform Front of House staff to push the dish (customers love dish recommendations)
  2. Use ingredients to create a different dish and put on as a Special Dish of the Day (always inform Front of House Team so they can recommend it to customers)
  3. Cook the food to give it another two days shelf life.


Good communications between kitchen and front of house is essential to run an efficient kitchen.

Weekly Food Fact

Just think about all the energy, water and packaging used in food production, transportation and storage that goes to waste when we throw away food. Some food waste is inevitable – egg shells, peelings etc. but it can be recycled.  Many councils provide a food waste recycling service.  So, rather than waste food rotting in landfill creating methane gasses, it can be recycled into fertiliser and even generate electricity that can be fed back into the national grid.

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