What is the best way to check the food temperatures of your fridges and freezers?  It’s important to keep your cool in the kitchen during summer, even more so when it comes to keeping your restaurant fridges and freezers at the correct temperature.

It may sound obvious, but the temperature of fridges and freezers fluctuates throughout the day. It’s important to take temperatures of restaurant fridges and freezers twice per day. The digital readouts on fridges only show “air temperature” within the unit. Opening and closing can cause incorrect temperature readings.

The best way to take temperature readings is actually based on an old fashioned method in which people would keep a pot of butter or jelly in the fridge purely to probe for the purpose of taking temperature readings. Being the year 2016 we recommend instead using a Gel Thermometer in your fridges/freezers. The gel mimics food to allow the thermometer to show the temperatures of food in your fridge. It’s quick, clean and accurate, making it the perfect way of checking unit temperatures in your kitchen.