Tip of the Week

Blue roll is forever getting contaminated by dirty hands

Blue roll should be stored in wall dispensers so it is easy to access and will never be contaminated by dirty hands. However, if you need easy access to blue roll on the work surface or if the wall is not suitable for a wall mounted dispenser, we recommend purchasing a few Tork Centrefeed Portable Blue Roll Dispensers. You just pop the blue roll into the dispenser and pop on the lid that has a centrefeed so the blue roll is not contaminated by dirty hands and the dispenser can sit on the work surface.

These containers are available from many catering suppliers and cost about £25 each.


Keep your kitchen blue roll in a wall dispenser or for work areas where there is no space for a wall mounted dispenser, use a Portable Blue Roll Dispenser to avoid cross contamination (and less waste!)

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that the Blue Roll you use has been recycled up to seven times already!