Tip of the Week

If there is no blue roll in your kitchen, how are you cleaning?

Good cleaning procedure during food preparation and service is to use blue roll and sanitiser.  Do not use cloths as they spread bacteria from one part of the kitchen to another (to kill the bacteria on a dishcloth you will need to wash it at 90°C).

Cleaning kitchen surfaces is a two stage process –

  1. Spray surface with sanitiser and wipe with blue roll to clean
  2. Spray surface with sanitiser and leave for recommended contact time to sanitise. Then wipe with blue roll

If you keep blue roll loose in the kitchen, there is a risk of contaminating the paper when you pick it up with dirty hands – especially when you have been handling raw poultry or meat.  Keeping it in a wall mounted dispenser eliminates this risk.


Check blue roll dispensers are full each day as part of your opening and closing procedures.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that in Russia before 2011, beer, (or any alcoholic drink under 10% ABV) was classified as a soft drink.  The law was changed in 2011 to combat the issues of underage drinking and health

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