Tip of the Week

A large percentage of chickens are currently infected with Campylobacter Bacteria. 

Campylobacter is killed when you cook to a core temperature above 75°C but the main hazard is the handling and preparation of raw chicken.

To keep food safe and avoid cross contamination of Campylobacter in your kitchen, follow these rules:–

  1. Clean and sanitise worktops used to receive poultry deliveries and wash hands
  2. Store raw meats/poultry separate from ready to eat foods (bottom shelf in fridge)
  3. Prepare raw meats/poultry separately from ready to eat foods
  4. If preparing a large amount of raw chicken, we recommend you wear a disposable plastic apron and disposable plastic gloves.
  5. Do NOT wash chicken
  6. Use red board and red knife (store these separately from your other boards)
  7. Wash hands after handling raw chicken
  8. Clean and sanitise all boards, knives and work surfaces after preparing raw chicken.


Cook chicken to a minimum core temperature of 75°C

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that chickens are the closest living relatives of dinosaurs with scientific evidence proving shared ancestry with the Tyrannosaurus Rex