Tip of the Week

The latest update of the Ecoli Regulations is all about reducing the risk of cross contamination of raw and ready to eat foods in the kitchen.  This is to help reduce the incidences of food poisoning attributed to campylobacter, salmonella, E.coli and other harmful bacteria.

Kitchen knives are a potential source of cross contamination but how do we feel about using colour coded knives?

If you opt for colour coded knives, then use them in conjunction with the corresponding colour coded board. If you want to generally use black handled knives, we recommend you just use colour coded knives for raw meat/poultry and fish

Here are our recommendations to reduce the likelihood of cross contamination via kitchen knives and boards –

  • Purchase a red handled knife for raw meat and chicken preparation
  • Purchase a blue handled knife for raw fish preparation
  • Keep the red and blue knives on a small magnetic wall strip over the work area where you prepare your raw meat and fish  -even if this is a dual use area i.e. one that is used for raw prep, then cleaned and sanitised and used for other purposes throughout the day.
  • Keep your red and blue chopping boards under the table where you prepare raw meat and fish.
  • Keep your other colour coded chopping boards separate from your red and blue boards
  • Use black handled knives for all other food prep, washing and sanitising after each use. Keep separate from the red and blue knives


Keep your red & blue knives/tongs and boards separate from your other knives and boards.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that cooking and roasting tomatoes will increase their levels of lycopene – powerful compounds that fight free radicals and help to decrease cancer and heart disease risks.  A study from Ohio State University showed that people who ate tomato sauce cooked for 40 minutes had 55% more lycopene in their blood than those who had uncooked tomato sauce.

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