Tip of the Week

Along with core cooking temperatures, cooling times and temperatures are one of the most important critical control points in your kitchen. 

Follow these general rules for preparing, cooking and cooling your Turkey:-

  • If frozen, defrost thoroughly in a fridge (need to keep the temperature of the bird below 8°C at all times)
  • Store raw poultry below all other foods to avoid contaminating ready to eat foods
  • Cook to above 75°C
  • If cooling to reheat at another time cool quickly within 90 minutes then place in a fridge
  • Reheat above 75°C (above 82°C in Scotland)
  • If hot holding, keep the poultry above 63°C


Always record the core cooked temperature and cooling time and temperatures when cooking turkey

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that there are three main breeds of Turkey?  White Turkey has a subtle flavour.  Black Turkey has a more gamey flavour and fine texture.  Bronze Turkeys are usually reared free range and have a distinctive gamey flavour and a firm texture.