Tip of the Week

Temperature control management in your kitchen is critical to keeping food safe to eat.


There is a risk of passing contaminated products to consumers through the growth/survival of pathogens caused by the inadequate storage/heating/chilling/freezing of food stuffs.

Here is an overview of critical temperatures:–

  • Refrigeration 0˚C to 8˚C (ideally less than 5°C)
  • Freezer minimum -18˚C or colder
  • Cook high risk protein food to a minimum of a core temperature 75˚C for 30 seconds
  • Reheat to a minimum of a core temperature 75˚C for 30 seconds
  • Cool foods within 90 minutes before refrigerating
  • Hot hold foods at a minimum of 63°C
  • Cold hold protein salads and sandwich displays at less than 8°C
  • Transport hot food above 63°C and cold food below 8°C


Remember to record a sample of high risk core cooking and cooling times and temperatures daily (including all high-risk batch cooked foods).

Weekly Food Fact

June is the best month for peas so time to pod these delicious and nutritious veggies.

Did you know that a cup of peas contains more protein than an entire egg!

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