Tip of the Week

To avoid cross contamination of bacteria or allergens, no cloths should be used to clean work surfaces in the kitchen during food preparation and service

Using cloths can spread allergens or bacteria from one surface to another. To eliminate this potential for cross contamination, use only blue roll and sanitiser during food preparation and service.

The rule is to follow a two-stage process –

  1. Spray surface with sanitiser and wipe with blue roll to clean
  2. Spray surface with sanitiser and leave for recommended contact time to sanitise. Then wipe with clean blue roll

What is the contact time of your sanitiser?

Check your sanitiser meets with the British Standard BS-EN1276 to ensure it is effective against Ecoli bacteria. We recommend a contact time of 30 seconds as this is most practical in a busy kitchen. Make sure all your staff are aware of the contact time of your sanitiser to ensure your cleaning practices are effective.



Start the day sanitising your worksurfaces with sanitiser and blue roll. Then use blue roll and sanitiser to clean work surfaces during food prep and service. At the end of the day when all food is put away, you can use hot soapy water, cloths and scourers for deep cleaning to keep kitchen and equipment sparkling.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that, to kill all the bacteria in your dishcloths, you will need to wash them at 90 degrees!