Tip of the Week

Safe Turkey Rules

  1. If frozen, defrost turkey fully on the bottom shelf in a refrigerator
  2. Cook to above 75°C for a minimum of 30 seconds
  3. If cooling to reheat later – Cool to fridge temperature within 90 minutes.  Let it rest for 20 minutes then cool, using a blast chiller or place gastro pan on a bed of ice or use reusable ice packs below and around the bird to cool quickly.  Store in refrigerator until needed (3 day shelf life once cooked)
  4. Reheat to above 75°C for a minimum of 30 seconds
  5. If hot holding, keep temperature above 63°C for a maximum of 3 hours


Record the core cooking temperature and the cooling times and temperatures.

Weekly Food Fact

Happy Christmas from the Food Safety Guru Team

Wishing you a season of gladness, a season of cheer and to top it all off – a wonderful New Year!

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