Tip of the Week

Hospitality businesses have had to close their doors to eat in/drink in customers and gear up to providing a takeaway or delivery service.

Customer confidence in the safety of ordering food takeaways or deliveries is stronger than during the previous lock down, which is welcome news.

Here are a few useful reminders for operating a safe and compliant takeaway/delivery service:–

  • By law, allergen information must be made available at point of delivery. The easiest way is to add the allergen information to your takeaway menu – that would avoid any confusion and is easy for customers.  Alternatively, put the allergen information on your website and direct customers to this.  Remember to add in a clause, at the bottom of the menu, about potential cross contamination of nuts or any other allergens which feature broadly in your kitchens.  If taking telephone orders, make sure the person taking the order is clear about what allergens are in your dishes.  Label the food package for an order with stated allergy to ensure orders are correct.
  • Hot food needs to be kept hot above 63°C so insulated containers are required. Cold food needs to be kept cold below 8°C
  • Payment –Ideally, no cash payments. Organise payment by phone so no cash changes hands or use contactless payment (social distancing).
  • Keep delivery personnel or takeaway customers separate from kitchen staff
  • Organise a delivery collection point for each delivery supplier and mark floor with tape to direct delivery collection to queue 2metres apart
  • Organise collections by number for easy identification.
  • Place completed order in collection area & step back to allow safe pick up.
  • Delivery personnel to place food into hot bags at the collection point
  • Clean and sanitise food collection tables frequently
  • Provide sanitiser and blue roll for delivery drivers to clean their insulated bags
  • Provide hand sanitiser for your delivery personnel and direct them to use it before and after each delivery
  • Delivery personnel to drop food on doorstep, ring bell and step back a minimum of 2 metres until customer has accepted delivery.


All staff in contact with delivery drivers or takeaway customers should wear a face covering and ensure social distancing.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that takeaway cravings are linked with psychology. If you have had a tough day and you crave a takeaway, it will taste delicious and will definitely make you feel better.

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