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Why we hate dishcloths in the kitchen (other than the dishwash area).

Dishcloths and tea towels used to clean worktops and food surfaces in the kitchen are risky as they spread bacteria and allergens around the kitchen causing cross contamination.

Once a cloth has been used to clean a surface, it is contaminated by any bacteria present.  The cloth is then rinsed and used again on another kitchen surface, spreading the bacteria from one surface to another.  It can also spread cross contamination of food allergens.

The problem is that rinsing the cloth does not kill the bacteria.  Washing would need to be carried out at or above 90°C to kill it all.  Even bleaching cloths doesn’t kill all bacteria (and bleach is not food safe or environmentally friendly).

We recommend you do not use cloths to clean kitchen surfaces during food preparation or service.  Use Blue Roll and sanitiser only, following a two-stage cleaning process:-

  1. Spray surface with sanitiser and wipe with blue roll to clean
  2. Spray surface with sanitiser and leave for recommended contact time to sanitise. Then wipe with clean blue roll.

Cloths and scourers can be used at the end of the daily shift or for deep cleaning.  There will not be a problem with cross contamination as any bacteria will already have been removed as part of your clean as you go procedures.


Ditch those dishcloths!  Blue roll and sanitiser only during food prep and service.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that a dishcloth used multiple times can have six times more bacteria than your toilet seat!

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