Tip of the Week


Why we hate dishcloths….



Dishcloths used in the kitchen (with the exception of the dishwashing area) are risky as they pick up bacteria causing cross contamination.​

Dishcloths also pose a threat of cross contamination of allergens in your kitchen, moving traces of allergens from one surface to another.

Bleaching cloths does not kill all bacteria. Washing would need to be carried out at or above 90 degrees to kill the bacteria. 

We recommend you do not use dish cloths to clean kitchen surfaces during food preparation or service – use Blue Roll and sanitiser as a 2 step cleaning process.

Use blue roll and sanitiser to clean all your touchpoints frequently throughout the day in accordance with your COVID procedures.

Cloths and scourers can be used at the end of the day or for deep cleaning then finish with a spray of sanitiser.


Ditch those dishcloths! Blue roll only during food prep and service.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know, your toilet has less bacteria on it than a standard kitchen dishcloth.  In a study commissioned by the Global Hygiene Council, dishcloths were found to have six times more bacteria than a toilet handle!