Tip of the Week

Ecoli is a particularly dangerous type of food poisoning as it takes very few bacteria to make you ill.  It can get passed from person to person very easily so good handwashing procedures in the kitchen are essential.

The bacteria is mostly found in raw meat or vegetables contaminated with either infected soil or contaminated water.  Root vegetables, spinach, lettuce and watercress have been known to be infected with Ecoli.

Ecoli is the bacteria responsible for the recent food poisoning outbreak with supermarket sandwiches. The current thought is that the Ecoli is from the lettuce in the sandwiches.

Here are our top 6 rules to avoid cross contamination of E coli and other bacteria

  1. Wash all fruit and vegetables before preparation – washing in water removes the harmful bacteria
  2. Separate raw and ready to eat food preparation areas OR separate by time
  3. Store ready to eat foods above raw and clean foods above dirty
  4. Clean and sanitise all worktops, handles and touchpoints frequently using blue roll and sanitiser
  5. Use the correct colour chopping boards and cooking utensils (eg. red tongs for handling raw burgers, metal slice for flipping burgers or yellow tongs for cooked meat)
  6. Wash hands with antibacterial hand soap frequently but always after changing tasks


Use blue roll instead of cloths to clean during food preparation as cloths could potentially cause cross contamination

Weekly Food Fact

Spinach is one of the foods that has potential to be contaminated by Ecoli. Ensure you wash spinach very well. It usually needs two rinses.

Did you know that spinach is very high in antioxidants and is also useful for maintaining good vision.