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Last week the Food Standards Agency recalled batches of Lion Marked eggs contaminated with Salmonella.  In 2017 the FSA issued advice that Salmonella in Lion Marked eggs had been eradicated and that eggs were safe to be eaten raw or lightly cooked.  However, in the past 3 years, over 100 people have been poisoned after eating Lion Marked eggs contaminated with Salmonella – 45 of these cases have been since January this year.

So far 25 egg laying poultry flocks in the UK have tested positive for salmonella and two egg packing factories supplying our leading supermarkets have also been contaminated.

Salmonella poisoning can be life threatening, particularly children and the elderly.

How do eggs get contaminated with Salmonella?

 Poultry may carry Salmonella, which can contaminate the inside of eggs before the shells are formed. Egg shells may become contaminated with Salmonella from poultry droppings or the area where they are laid.

Our advice –

  • Store eggs in a refrigerator away from ready to eat foods
  • Make sure that foods that contain raw or lightly cooked eggs, such as hollandaise sauce, Caesar salad dressing and tiramisu, are made only with pasteurised eggs.
  • Cook eggs until both the yolk and white are firm.
  • Eat or refrigerate eggs and foods containing eggs promptly after cooking. Do not keep eggs or foods made with eggs warm or at room temperature for more than 2 hours.
  • Wash hands after handling eggs


Cook eggs thoroughly or use pasteurised egg to make raw or lightly cooked egg dishes or sauces

Weekly Food Fact

In 1988 Edwina Currie, then a Junior Health Minister, caused a major scandal when she claimed that “most of the egg production in this country is infected with salmonella”.  Egg sales immediately plummeted, and the Government introduced legislation to improve the hygiene of hen houses.

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