Tip of the Week

Here is a reminder of what an Environmental Health Inspector is looking for – Part 2   

Compliance with Structural Requirements

Compliance with Structural Requirements

  • The condition of the structure of the premises including cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation, equipment and other facilities.
  • Kitchen should be clean
  • No flaking paint
  • No bare wood or porous unwashable surfaces
  • Floor should be clean and intact with no food debris under/behind equipment
  • Walls should be clean and intact
  • Ceilings should be clean with no dust of cobwebs
  • Fly screens on opening windows and doors
  • Kitchen and surrounding areas should be pest free


The kitchen should be clean, organised and pest free.

Weekly Food Fact

Always put a lid on used cooking oil containers to avoid attracting pests. Did you know that rats can smell opened used cooking oil from over a mile away,