Tip of the Week

Here is a reminder of what an Environmental Health Inspector is looking for.

Part 3 – Confidence in Management 

Confidence in Management

  • Your Food Safety HACCP system. Are you up to date with the latest legislation and best practice? Are your policies and records  up to date?  Are you demonstrating that you do what you say you do?
  • Our Food Safety System is Primary Partnership Assured (approved throughout the UK) so it is important to show the Inspector your HACCP Policy at the beginning of your inspection.
  • Your Daily Food Safety Logs/Records – complete these everyday
  • Are all staff trained in Level 2 Food Safety with a valid certificate
  • Are staff knowledgeable and trained on your HACCP
  • Are your staff knowledgeable in Allergen Awareness


Ensure your Food Safety Management System is up to date and complete your Kitchen Log everyday.

Weekly Food Fact

The HACCP concept was first developed by NASA in the 1960s. Now HACCP is an internationally recognized system for preventing and managing food safety hazards.