Q. I use the Safer Food Better Business system at the moment but find it really difficult to get my business a Level 5. What is different about your system and will it get me a level 5 Food Hygiene Rating?

A. The Food Safety Guru system is designed to be easy and intuitive for chefs to use when they are busy in the kitchen. Your record sheets will be written for your business by our support team so you don’t need to design them yourself. They are then placed on washable clipboards (which we supply) on your kitchen wall making it quick and easy for your chefs to fill in the required information as part of their kitchen routine. There is no need to go back to the manual on a daily basis as all the information is on the clipboards on the kitchen wall. Alternatively if you wish to record your daily checks digitally you can record them via our App – the choice is yours.
Our system is all about making your life simpler and keeping your business at a consistent Level 5 standard. We have a 97% success rate in assisting our clients to get a Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating.

Q. I have the Food Safety Guru System, do I also need to complete my SFBB paperwork?

A. No. Absolutely everything you need is included in your Food Safety Guru pack.

Q. Do you provide ongoing advice and support?

A. The Food Safety Guru system is much more than a monitoring system as you are getting a full back up advice and support service which is especially important in the event of problems such as food poisoning allegations etc. When you join Food Safety Guru you are gaining another team member who is there when you need them giving you peace of mind as well as keeping you fully up to date with legislation and best practice. Our team at Food Safety Guru support you through your set up and provide specialist advice on a wide range of food safety, kitchen and allergen management, plus health & safety as part of your membership.

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Item SFBB System FSG System
Easy to follow and concise manual Large manual with lots of overview information. Concise, so easier to digest – instructions that get straight to the point so easier to follow and implement in your business.
Easy to use diary & daily checks Difficult! Information is completed in the manual – so out of sight out of mind. Practical checks to be signed off on clipboards on wall – No messing about filling in odd bits in the manual. Meaningful, practical checks.
Check sheets on clipboards to place on kitchen wall (5 washable coloured clipboards included in pack) All checks completed in manual – not consistent with your kitchen management routine. Need to write own Cleaning routine etc. Clipboards are provided with a copy of your check sheets already attached – hang them on the kitchen wall (ideally together) and you are ready to go. Check sheets include delivery/food temperature/fridge & freeze records/blast chiller/kitchen cleaning/front of house/toilets All “Done for you”.
Specialist activity HACCP/check sheets available –Sous Vide, Blast Chiller, Vacuum Packing No specialist guidance. We cover all specialist tasks and will tailor your specialist HACCP to your business at no extra charge.
‘Done For You’ Food Safety Policy for Business Overview only – need to write policy yourself Food Safety Policy done for you – just fill in business name and sign.
Health & Safety Policy for Business Not included. It is a legal requirement to have a Health & Safety Policy if you have 5 or more members of staff. This covers your obligations.
Risk Assessments for Every Task and Activity in your Business (54 activities from cleaning ovens to changing ventilation filters) Not included. Meets all your Insurance requirements. Train your staff/make them aware of these risk assessments and reduce any risk of accidents in your workplace.
‘Done for You’ Manual Handling Training Sheets General guidance supplied. Specific training sheets – ‘done for you’. Use to train your staff at no additional cost.
‘Done for You’ Staff Induction Training Sheets – including first day induction, hygiene and agency induction sheets Information only. Specific ‘done for you’ training sheets for all your staff.
‘Done for You’ Staff Training Record – to record all your staff training really easily (also in electronic format) Guidance only – need to write your own. ‘Done for you’ records sheets for easy recording of staff training.
FREE Telephone Helpdesk Support Not included. FREE advice on food, food safety and general management questions via telephone or email – whatever best suits you.
Tip of the Week Emails Not included. Quick kitchen management weekly tips emailed to keep you updated.
Relevant (to you) Legislative & Good Practice Updates Overview provided. Tailored to be relevant to your business: New legislation or best practice broken down into easy steps for implementation in your business (for example the new Allergen regulations effective from 13th December 2014).