It’s hot in the kitchen, and even more so now we’re in the heat of summer. So a question worth asking yourself, is just how hot is your kitchen during food preparation?

If you’ve ever taken air temperature in busy periods, you might be surprised to see temperatures in the 30’s°C and 40’s°C . It’s often overlooked how quickly food can deteriorate during preparation in your kitchen.

We recently took the temperature of some food items left out for speed during service; here are the results.

  • Coleslaw – 21°C
  • Cooked chicken – 17°C
  • Asparagus & Cream Sauce – 22.4°C
  • Raw Fish – 21°C


For each 10°C rise in temperature, it is estimated that the activity of micro-organisms and enzymes increases by double at the very least, up to 60°C [1]. Try to limit the preparation of high risk foods to within 30 minutes, then cook or chill.


We understand how busy it gets during service time. It’s just as important to keep high risk ‘mise en place’ refrigerated. A fridge plan that takes your menu into consideration will speed up service.