Tip of the Week

Keeping high risk foods under temperature control at ALL times is critical for keeping foods safe.

Here are the main temperature controls you need to adhere to in your kitchen:–

  • On delivery, chilled foods must be stored in a refrigerator at less than 8°C (ideally less than 5°C) and frozen at -18°C within 20 minutes of being delivered
  • Prepare in as short a time as possible then either cook or put back in fridge
  • Cook high risk foods to a core temperature of a minimum of 75°C for 30 seconds or equivalent
  • Hot hold at a minimum of 63°C
  • Chill hold at a maximum of 8°C (ideally a maximum of 5°C). Fresh fish and meat are best kept below 4°C with an ideal temperature of 2°C
  • Cool within 90 minutes and refrigerate.


Record fridge and freezer temperatures twice daily, a selection of high risk cooked foods and record the cooling time and temperature of ALL high risk foods you cool

Weekly Food Fact

Are you a biscuit dunker?  Did you know that a recent survey showed 29% of adults say they have been scalded by hot drinks while dunking biscuits.  Oops – think they left their biscuit in their tea too long!  What’s your favourite tea dunker – digestives, malted milk or bourbons?

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