Tip of the Week


How do you check the food temperature in your fridges?

Every day you need to check and record the temperature of your fridges and freezers at the beginning and end of the shift.  The temperature is shown on the temperature display on the front of the machine. However, it is good practice to check, at least weekly, that the display readout is correct.

In the past, we used to check this by keeping a jelly pot/butter/water bottle in the fridge and probing this to check the actual temperature of the food. This process was time consuming and messy. The best way to check the actual food temperature in the fridge or freezer is to use your Infrared Temperature Scanner.

Use an Infrared Temperature Scanner to check the temperature of food in cold storage and for chilled/frozen deliveries.


Infrared Scanner is a safe method of checking the temperature of deliveries and chilled/frozen foods as there is no potential for cross contamination as with a probe.

However, a temperature probe must always be used to check the temperature of cooked foods as we need to know the core temperature of the food.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that hot food makes you feel fuller for longer than cold food!