Tip of the Week

The Food Standards Agency has announced that they are backing the move to update the Allergen Regulations to include mandatory full ingredient labelling for pre-packed foods for direct sale.  We knew this was coming so we have been advising our clients to put this in place so it should not be a shock for most.

What does this mean to you?

If you prepare foods such as salads, sandwiches, cakes, etc. on site and package them for sale as a ready to go item, you must now label all these foods with a full list of ingredients, highlighting any of the 14 common allergens in BOLD.

This will apply to all businesses, whether you are a coffee shop, school canteen, local café or pub, selling wrapped ready to eat items (filled bread rolls etc).

Takeaways that sell foods made to order on site are not affected as it would be difficult, or near impossible, to provide this level of detail when each order could be different.

To label your products you will need to include all the ingredients, highlighting allergens in BOLD, and include any statements made by any of the manufacturers of ingredients used.  An example of this would be “Not suitable for customers with an allergy to nuts due to manufacturing methods”.

A high level of diligence will be required as staff will need to be trained to be alert for any product substitutions on their orders as a substituted product may have different ingredients and allergens.  For example, your usual BBQ sauce is gluten free but the substituted sauce from your supplier contains gluten.


As always, much care must be taken when preparing foods in the kitchen to avoid cross contamination of allergens.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that eating Gluten can cause serious damage to a person suffering from Coeliac disease in doses as low as 20 ppm  = 1 breadcrumb