Let’s start the new year as we mean to go on!

The start of a new year is a great time to review your kitchen procedures.  Here are our 4 top priorities:-

  • Is your food safety paperwork in order? Remember to keep things simple. Keep the last six months records in an archive file and throw away older records. Then file weekly in date order.
  • Are your procedures correct AND, importantly, being followed? Review all your procedures and make sure you update your team if needed. Review your procedures for date labelling, storage, preparation, cooking, cooling and record taking.  For example, are core cooked temperatures checks taken and recorded on ALL high-risk batch cooked foods?
  • Is your kitchen gleaming? If not, do a January spring clean to motivate your kitchen team.
  • Staff Training – review any gaps in knowledge and compile a staff training plan.

Due diligence – it is your responsibility.  Start the new year with your best foot forward!

Interesting fact

Talking of ducks, do you know why it is nearly impossible to sneak up on one?  When snoozing, the “guard” ducks sleep with one eye open.  This controls which side of the brain stays awake so they can sense any threat in under a second.