Tip of the Week


All commercial kitchens must have a designated handwash sink

Here are a few tips to stay compliant:

  • The handwash sink must have liquid handwash soap and blue roll (stored in a wall dispenser)
  • Sink and surround MUST be clean – Clean and sanitise daily. Make sure the taps are clean, no dirt or scale at the bottom of taps
  • NEVER put cutlery of cooking utensils in the handwash sink
  • If the taps are hand operated, train your kitchen team to turn taps off using blue roll so they do not reinfect hands after washing


Handwashing is the firt line of defence against cross contamination of bacteria and allergens. The hand wash sink is also the first thing an inspector sees when they visit your kitchen.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know researchers estimate that if everyone routinely washed their hands using soap and water 1 million deaths a year could be prevented.