Dishwashers have brought convenience into our kitchens, and sometimes too much convenience. Sadly, dishwashers are not the be all and end all of your dish cleaning needs, which has become especially apparent when visiting restaurants. While your dishes may look clean, if your machine’s not, you could be spreading around bacteria onto your dishes. It’s becoming ever more important for restaurants to be on the lookout for bacteria build up in their machines.

Usually a pinky/orange buildup, it’s important to look around the door seals, grooves, inside the top of dishwasher, on the curtains, runners, conveyors etc of your dishwasher. Don’t forget to look for buildup on the washer basket. If you are finding bacteria, it could be evidence of the machine being used incorrectly or in need of service.

You wouldn’t wash your dishes with a mouldy sponge, just as you shouldn’t use a bacteria filled dishwasher.