Tip of the Week

Quick reminder of your critical temperatures

  • Refrigeration 0˚ to 8˚C – ideally less than 5˚C
  • Freezer minimum -18˚C or colder
  • Cook high risk foods to 75˚C or above for a minimum of 30 seconds
  • Reheat to 75˚C or above for a minimum of 30 seconds
  • Cool within 90 minutes then refrigerate
  • Hot Hold above 63˚C
  • Probe calibration – Boiling water 100°; Iced water 0°; both with a tolerance of 1°either way



Keep hot food hot above 63˚C or cold food cold below 8 ˚C  

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that eating an apple will give you loads more energy than drinking a cup of coffee!

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