Labels are one of the many unsung foundations upon which a successful restaurant is built. Being so fundamental to the business, it should be done right from the start. So how should you date label foods in your restaurant?

At Food Safety Guru we know the inside outs of the catering industry and what we have found to work best is the dot method. The dot method is simple enough. You ensure that all foods in your kitchen or stores are date labelled (either by manufacturer’s label or your own) and apply coloured day dots based on the use by date. When your staff learn this system you can tell instantly whether foods are in date or not and so will the inspector!

To avoid any out of date food items being left in your kitchen, make it a rule that all fridges and stores are checked each evening, disposing of any items expiring that day. You will love it, your staff will love it, and the inspector will love it. The daily dot system really makes things easier for everyone involved.

Just remember to always stick to the recommended “use by date”, and never have out of date foods in your kitchen.