Tip of the Week

During the current COVID Situation, it is more important than ever to take extra precautions and wear the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Chefs must change into clean uniforms on site and not travel to work in uniform

Clean chef whites must be worn daily

Non slip kitchen shoes or trainers to be worn

Disposable plastic aprons and gloves are to be worn when preparing large volumes of raw chicken or meat

Disposable gloves are not needed to be worn as general use in the kitchen.  Washing hands frequently and after every change in task or activity is good practice.  If you do want to wear gloves, they must be changed as often as you would wash your hands.

Hats are good for keeping stray hairs from escaping

Essential Visitors or Maintenance Contractors visiting the kitchen must wear a disposable apron or white coat, face mask and gloves

Face Masks  It is not currently compulsory for hospitality staff to wear face masks.  However, face masks must be available for staff if they wish to wear them.

Kitchen  During this COVID Situation, staff may prefer to wear a face mask in the kitchen as they come in close proximity to each other even if you have  designated work zones.  This is a personal preference unless it is your company policy.

Never wear a face visor in the main kitchen.  This can be dangerous as, when you open the oven, steam can be trapped inside the visor causing burning

For customer facing open kitchens/pass – wearing a face mask or visor and disposable gloves should be worn in customer facing situations such as carvery, open kitchen pass, etc., as it will give your customers confidence

Front of House  Wearing a face mask is not currently compulsory, however they must be offered to your team.  We would urge you to consider making wearing a face mask or visor compulsory for Front of House Staff for two reasons:–

  1. Help to keep your staff safe – bear in mind none of your customers will be wearing face masks and your team will come into contact with a lot of customers over a day
  2. Give your customers confidence you have stringent hygiene procedures in place


Hands must be washed before and after wearing disposable gloves.

Weekly Food Fact

What a scorcher of a few days!  Summer time salads will be popular this week.  Did you know that, on 10th August 2015, astronauts on the International Space Station ate their first space grown salad.  They grew Red Romaine lettuce onboard in a special veggie plant growth chamber.  This first space grown veggie was labelled Veg-01.

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