Tip of the Week

We recommend you wash all your salad leaves and salad vegetables before preparing!

As the Summer heats up, salad becomes a more popular menu choice, but with it comes a whole host of potential hazards.

Lettuce and other salad items are grown in either water or soil that has the potential to be contaminated with bacteria that you do not want to eat.

A couple of years ago, the USA experienced the biggest Ecoli outbreak in over 10 years. 122 people are registered as infected, at least 52 people hospitalised and 1 death to date. The culprit?  Romaine Lettuce.

It is a misconception that some lettuces that come packed in plastic are already washed – read the label carefully. Prepared bags of mixed leaves usually come ready washed but whole lettuce such as Cos or Romaine are never pre-washed.

Washing lettuce and salad vegetables in fresh water removes the majority of any unwanted bacteria, herbicides, pesticides, insects and soil/dirt residue.

Ensure you wash these ingredients well and store them safely above raw foods.


Wash all your salad leaves and salad vegetables before preparation unless the label specifically states “washed and ready to eat”

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that the greener leaves on the outside of lettuce contain more nutrients than the inner leaves.  And Romaine lettuce has six times as much Vitamin C and eight times as much vitamin A as iceberg lettuce.