Tip of the Week

Many of you will be closing your kitchens during the current Covid-19 crisis. Follow these tips to help reduce stock wastage and for your kitchen to be in the best state of cleanliness when it is time to reopen.

  • FRIDGES – Empty fridges then clean and sanitise the inside and outside of the equipment including door seals (to help stop mould growth). Leave fridges switched on – if you really need to turn them off, keep the fridge doors open otherwise you will come back to a mouldy fridge.
  • FREEZERS – To reduce stock waste on closing – Our current procedure for freezing foods on site is one month to facilitate good stock rotation. However, due to the current circumstances, I recommend you freeze relevant current stock with a shelf life of 6 months. All stock being frozen for 6 months must be labelled with the product description, labelled as “Closure Stock” and given a 6 month frozen shelf life.
  • DRY STORES – decant opened bags into plastic lidded containers – label and store safely on racks (off the floor)
  • FOOD – Remove ALL food from kitchen except dry stores and freezers
  • FRYERS – Empty fryers and clean well
  • KITCHEN EQUIPMENT – Clean ALL equipment thoroughly
  • EXTRACT FILTERS – Clean extraction filters and canopy
  • WALLS – Clean walls
  • SINKS – Clean all sinks including taps and surrounds
  • DISHWASHER – Empty and thoroughly clean dishwasher
  • BINS – Empty and clean all bins
  • CROCKERY & CUTLERY – Cover clean crockery and cutlery (place in cupboards or cover with cling film)
  • FLOOR – Pull out equipment and sweep thoroughly then wash – empty bucket then wash bucket and mop



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