Tip of the Week

It is a legal requirement to record your kitchen due diligence daily

Essential due diligence checks to be recorded are –

  • Beginning of the day fridge and freezer temperatures
  • Opening checks
  • Delivery Checks
  • Core Cooking Temperatures
  • Cooling Temperatures
  • Hot Holding Temperatures (wherever applicable)
  • Cold Holding Temperatures (wherever applicable)
  • Cleaning Checks
  • End of day fridge and freezer temperatures
  • Closing Checks

Additional checks need to be recorded for any specialist preparation/cooking methods including –

  • Sous vide
  • Smoking
  • Sushi/Raw Fish pH records


It is essential that your daily log is started at the beginning of the daily shift and finished at the end of the day. Your checks need to be recorded in real time

Weekly Food Fact

Although apples are available throughout the year, October is the best time for apples in the UK. Did you know that there are over 30,000 varieties of apples in the world!