Tip of the Week

 At one of the busiest times of year it is important to follow safe procedures in your kitchen

Here are our top tips to avoid cross contamination in the kitchen at this busy time:-

  • Store ready-to-eat above raw items
  • Prepare raw meats separately from ready to eat foods
  • Sanitise equipment, boards and work surfaces after food preparation
  • Ditch the dishcloth – only use blue roll and sanitiser to clean during prep and service times – 2 stage cleaning process
  • Prepare raw and dirty veg separate from clean and washed veg
  • Keep foods under temperature control (hot foods hot (above 63°C) or cold (below 5°C)
  • Use colour coded chopping boards and knives


Wash hands on entering the kitchen (every time) and after each change of task

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that there are three main breeds of Turkey.  White Turkey has a subtle flavour.  Black Turkey has a more gamey flavour and fine texture.  Bronze Turkeys are usually reared free range and have a distinctive gamey flavour and a firm texture.