Tip of the Week

Along with core cooking temperatures, cooling times and temperatures are one of the most important critical control points in your kitchen.  It is vital to manage cooling procedures when cooking high risks foods (turkey, etc.)

When foods are cooled too slowly and are left in the Temperature Danger Zone (between 8°C – 63°C) for too long, bacteria can multiply at an alarming rate. Remember the Hornchurch Food Poisoning Incident when the cooling of the turkey was not managed resulting a person dying and many more made seriously ill!

Follow safe procedures and cool high risk foods within 90 minutes and refrigerate immediately.

Use a blast chiller if you have one. Otherwise use plastic reusable ice packs below and on top of the food to cool it quickly or an ice bath.


Always record the temperature of the food after a maximum of 90 minutes cooling time as part of your due diligence procedures

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that the fruitcakes we have traditionally at Christmas were originally intended to be baked at the end of the harvest season and saved to be eaten at the beginning of the harvest season the next year!