Tip of the Week

When declaring what allergens are in your food, it is important to include any ingredients that are listed on the manufacturer’s product label as “May Contain”

What does “May Contain” on a product label mean?

A “May Contain” declaration on a product label means that, although the product does not contain the food item as an added ingredient, there is a possibility the main product has been contaminated by this ingredient during the production process.

The manufacturer is informing you that there is a possibility that traces of the “May Contain” ingredient could be found in their product. 

Just a trace of an ingredient a person is allergic to can be fatal.

It is your responsibility to declare all allergens in your foods accurately including any “May Contain” ingredients. You can note these on your Allergen information as “May Contain”.

ALWAYS double check manufacturers ingredient labels and “May Contain” declarations.


Products labelled with a “May Contain” or manufactured in a facility where there is a declaration that traces of that ingredient “are present” indicates that product would NOT be suitable for a person with that allergy.


Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that only 8 types of foods are responsible for causing 90% of allergic reactions. The main 8 foods are cows’ milk, eggs, fish, peanuts, shellfish, nuts, soya and wheat. Reactions can be mild through to life threatening.