Mice are clever little pests and can get through the tiniest hole or gap the diameter of a pencil. Make sure your kitchen and food stores are as pest proof as possible. Here are a few tips:

  • Fill any gaps in your walls (around pipes etc). A foam gun is fine to use.
  • Keep food items on racks and off the floor. If a spillage occurs, clear it up immediately so you do not attract pests with food on the floor.
  • Keep your kitchen and stores clean and organised. Remember that any spilled food on the shelves will attract pests.
  • Once opened, keep food in lidded storage containers. Sometimes it is impossible to keep the area completely pest free but, if you keep your food in plastic lidded containers. it will be safe.
  • Keep bin areas clean and always place food bags directly into the bin (never store on the floor). if you need more bin space get an extra bin.


It is recommended that a commercial food business has a pest control contract in place.

Food Fact

Mice are natural seed eaters.  But to lure them into mouse traps, we often use cheese.  But did you know they actually prefer sweets and peanut butter to cheese!