Tip of the Week

As COVID infection rates are increasing, we have a number of urgent recommendations to mitigate the risk to your team and to mitigate the risk to your business (avoiding whole teams being absent due to the need to self isolate).

We recommend:

  • ALL Front of House staff to wear face masks or face visors.  Front of House teams are working in a high risk area as your customers will not be wearing a face mask, therefore, if one guest confirms as positive for COVID, your whole FOH team could be required to self isolate.  However, if your FOH team has a level of protection and the same thing happens, either none of them will need to self isolate, or only the server for that table (Public Health would advise in each circumstance).
  • Kitchen staff now wear face masks to mitigate the whole team needing to self isolate in the event of a positive COVID incident of a team member.
  • Any member of your team who is “roving”, i.e. may visit a number of your units in a week, MUST wear a face mask at all times during their visit to each site if they enter the kitchen.  For example, currently – if you visit 3 sites in one week and go into the kitchen where none of the staff are protected – if you are then tested positive for COVID,  all 3 shifts of kitchen staff would then need to go into self isolation as neither yourself nor the staff had any protection.  Therefore, all roving staff MUST wear a face mask when visiting site kitchens or other enclosed areas.


Wash or sanitise hands before putting on and removing a face mask or face visor.  Face masks must be disposed of or washed after each shift.  Ensure face visors are only used by the same person so everyone write their name on their face visor.  Face visors can be washed by the individual with household detergent each day.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that Pizza is the No.1 most popular food in the world!  It is believed that in 1889 Raffaele Esposito made a selection of pizzas for  Queen Margherita of Savoy in Italy.  Some were topped with lard, garlic and salt (that was the norm at the time) but he also made one topped with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil which the queen declared was her favourite and pizza margherita was born.