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Are insects a superfood?  It certainly looks like it.  Insects are the most sustainable source of protein and are highly nutritious.

From mealworms and grasshoppers to ants and crickets, over 2 billion people across the world eat insects as part of their daily diet.



Insects contains nine amino acids, are rich in minerals such as iron and calcium, and are higher in protein per mg than our normal sources of protein.

Insects are a very sustainable source of protein. Cattle produces the highest levels of greenhouse gas emissions and insects, the least.

Eating insects is called entomophagy.

Restaurants featuring insects are becoming popular in Europe and we have a few restaurants specialising in insects here in the UK. One such restaurant is the Grub Kitchen at The Bug Farm in in Pembrokeshire.  We were daring and tried the Bug Burger (a blend of toasted crickets, mealworms and grasshoppers) and it was very tasty.  So, if you are stuck for inspiration for a new burger dish, why not try an insect burger!


Do some research first – don’t just use the flies from your insecticutor!

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know there are over 2000 known edible insects on our planet – yum!

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