Tip of the Week

At this time of year, pests can become a problem as they look to find warmth and food.

Mice need very little food and can happily exist on only 3g of food each day.  Mice have a fantastic sense of smell so any food particles left on the floor will attract pests to your kitchen.  The best way to keep mice away is a clean kitchen with no food debris left on the floor or under equipment.

If you have a pest problem:-

  • First task of the day – check for kitchen and stores for pest activity. Note activity and call out your pest contractor immediately. They should visit daily until the issue is resolved
  • Store all foods off the floor
  • Store any opened or fresh produce in plastic lidded containers
  • At the end of every day, clean down all worksurfaces and sweep the floor thoroughly, paying attention to sweeping under equipment
  • Remove all rubbish from kitchen daily and place outside in lidded bins
  • Do not leave any food out overnight (cover all fruit and veg)
  • Cover all equipment at the end of the night (open mixers, etc) and store pans lip down
  • Cover any crockery and cutlery overnight
  • Start each morning cleaning and sanitising all your worktops.


We recommend you have a Pest Control contract in place with regular visits.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that mice prefer eating seeds to cheese. They love to nibble on bread and seeds, but their favourite foods are peanut butter and sweet things.