Tip of the Week

The Ecoli regulations require kitchens to ensure complete segregation between raw and ready to eat foods.


To keep food safe and avoid cross contamination, follow these rules:–

  1. Clean and sanitise worktops used to receive meat deliveries
  2. Wash hands after touching and putting away meat deliveries as there is potentially bacteria on the outside of the packaging
  3. Store raw meats separate from ready to eat foods (bottom shelf in fridge)
  4. Prepare raw meats separately from ready to eat foods
  5. Do NOT wash meat as this spreads the bacteria
  6. Wash hands after handling meat packaging and after preparing raw meats
  7. Clean and sanitise all boards, knives and work surfaces after preparing raw meats.  2 stage cleaning process – Spray with sanitiser and wipe with blue roll to clean, then spray with sanitiser, wait for contact time to sanitise and wipe with blue roll to dry
  8. Cook poultry & chopped meat products to a core temperature of 75°C for a minimum of 30 seconds.


When cooking beef and lamb steaks that can be served pink, ensure the outside surface of the meat is seared.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know Ecoli is a particularly dangerous type of food poisoning as it takes very few bacteria to make you ill.  It is found mainly in raw meat and vegetables contaminated by infected soil or water. It can get passed from person to person very easily so good handwashing procedures in the kitchen are essential.