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The costs of kitchen equipment call outs and repairs can badly affect your bottom line.  Training your kitchen team to properly use, clean and maintain your equipment will greatly reduce the amount of money spent on non-warranty issues.

Daily cleaning is perhaps the most important maintenance tip for catering and refrigeration equipment.  Daily cleaning prevents dirt, grime and food scraps from building up and causing damage to the machine’s components.  Make sure you have a robust cleaning schedule in place.

Here are a few tips on keeping your kitchen equipment in good condition:-

  • Fryers
    • Clean Daily – Wipe down the backs and surrounds of your fryers daily to reduce grease and carbon build up
    • Boil out your fryers weekly fat and carbon deposits can build up on the heating element and in the tank. Boiling out your fryer on a weekly basis will help remove any old grease or grime.  Consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions and recommendations.
  • Ovens
    • Keep air and grease filters clean
    • Clean regularly. Follow manufacturer’s instructions but generally – remove any racks/cook plates, spray oven with degreaser, leave for a few minutes, wipe with a non-abrasive cloth or blue roll, include inside door, inside cavity and roof, wash off using wet clean cloth and dry with blue roll.  Spray cook plate/racks with degreaser, wipe to clean, rinse, dry and replace.  Wipe outside the door.
  • Chargrills, Griddles, Burners
    • Scrub or wipe down daily to reduce the build-up of grease and carbon. Empty and clean drip trays and under burner grates.
  • Fridges
    • Clean inside the fridges including the bottom of the fridge to ensure no build-up of water/liquid that could freeze and create problems.
    • Clean door seals.
    • Walk-in floors – keep floors clean and dry.
    • Clean drains regularly. A build up of water and slime can cause them to freeze up.
    • Leaks – deal with a leak immediately to avoid pipes/coils freezing which cause a bigger problem long term
    • Remove the plastic sticky packaging on new equipment upon delivery.


Report equipment issues immediately.  Catching and correcting small maintenance issues early (like a water leak caused by a loose hose fitting) can save you from more expensive repairs down the line.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that the first microwave oven was invented from radar technology after World War ll by Dr Percy Spencer.  It was called a “Radarange”.

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