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“Brilliant app and service, incredibly reliable with a very quick response time. highly recommend..!”

Maria G’s

“The Food Safety Guru App has been a great asset. Being very reasonable priced, the service you get on a 1 to 1 level is just invaluable for my business and has helped us achieve and continuously maintain our 5 star Hygiene Ratings.”

Double Bubble

“The support that Julie and the team at Food Safety Guru provides is outstanding. Regular updates and feedback given, live video walk-arounds easily arranged and emails answered with quick turnaround time. Julie is fully engaged and really knows her stuff. And as a result of her passionate input, our whole team, front and back of the restaurant are now far more engaged with the process of ensuring excellent food hygiene.

The software is easy to use and it’s been brilliant to have everything stored in one place and to be paperless.”

The French Table

“The software is in depth and easy to use and the inspector was also really impressed with it! After our inspection we have received our 5 stars and we couldn’t be more grateful to FSG for their support and guidance.

Thank you so much for all your help and support. 100% recommend for all businesses!”

The Old Vicarage Boutique Wedding Venue

“Food Safety Guru have a strong can-do attitude, are hands-on, knowledgeable lovely people who provide systems and sound advice that have helped keep Remarkable Pubs safe for many years”

Elton Mouna              Managing Director Remarkable Pubs

“We were the first B&K site opening in 2011. We have used the Food Safety Guru system since the day we opened and we use the system across our 22 sites. They keep us up to date so it is one less worry for us and their practical advice is invaluable. Of course, we have a Level 5 Food Hygiene rating!

We recommend the Food Safety Guru system to any pub or restaurant – great service, great support, straightforward and easy to use”

Brewhouse and Kitchen Portsmouth

“We are a new business and have found the Food Safety Guru System and their helpful advice invaluable to our success. We have our Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating displayed on our front window”

No.12 The Restaurant Kingswood

“Why did we struggle so long with the Safer Food Better Business pack? This is so much easier to use and the Food Safety Guru Helpdesk team could not be more helpful. We really do recommend working with these guys, they know their stuff!”

The Oak Norwich

“Worth every penny! Our Level 5 Rating sticker is now proudly displayed. You have put my mind at rest, thank you.”

Bricklayers Arms

“As a new business we knew it was important to get a Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating at our first inspection. Food Safety Guru were fantastic, so helpful. Our HACCP system was tailored to our kitchen with no problem and our EHO was blown away. Yes, we got a Level 5, thank you so much.”

The Half Moon Inn, Kirdford

“I hate paperwork so this is perfect, written with chefs in mind! We were a Level 3 and now due to using the really simple Food Safety Guru Management procedures we have a Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating. Proud to display our sticker on our door, thanks.”

Hope and Anchor, Rye

“The FSG team keep us on our toes. It works for us because we have just been awarded a Level 5 for the second time.”

Waterhouse Cafe, Kingswood

“Food Safety Guru are AMAZING! When we first opened our café our EHO gave us 2 weeks to put in a food safety system specifically to cover our additional hazards. We shouted for help to FSG and they pulled out all the stops. Brilliant advice and guidance. Really, if they can get us a Level 5  Food Hygiene Rating with 20 cats milling around the place, they can do it for anyone.”

The London Cat Village Café

“I am very happy to recommend Food Safety Guru. They have helped and supported our business to get a level 5 Food Hygiene rating on our door. Their Food Safety System really helps keep our kitchen procedures tight to reduce waste and improve our bottom line. Highly recommended”

The Heathcote       Leamington Spa

“The Food Safety Guru team are always supportive. They work well with our chefs and help everyone keep on track.

Our Environmental Health Inspector was really pleased with our Food safety paperwork and processes and awarded us a level 5 Food Hygiene rating.”

Brewhouse and Kitchen Cheltenham

“This service is fantastic. Always on call to give advice, walk arounds and live updates included with the package. As an exec chef, I have 3 sites and all have received 5* ratings. I can login in from anywhere to make sure each site is up to date. Basically everything you could need as a food and beverage vendor is covered.”

Gareth, The Happiness Cartel

“Food Safety Guru are a fantastic company to work with. We love using the digital system and having all our documents and daily checks direct in the app. Going paperless was the best thing we did.”

The Waterhouse Café

“The system is very easy to use, all the staff picked it up straight away. Our environmental health officer was very impressed by it too.
Thank you so much, looking forward to a long working relationship with you all.”

Sadlergates Catering

“Thanks Julie, just had our inspection and got a level 5. Cheers, we would recommend your food safety system to any restaurant. Practical, time efficient and chef friendly.”

Alex Claridge

The Wilderness

“Our Inspector was impressed with our new food safety system from Food Safety Guru.
The Food Safety Guru team have given us great advice and the food safety system is very clear. Highly recommended!”

The Dovecote

We really recommend Food Safety Guru. They took away the pain of setting up our paperwork, gave great advice and were lovely and helpful. Great product, great service and great results

Billies & Tong Biltong

I just had to let you know that we got our 5 stars today. You were right, we had nothing to worry about as the inspector was happy with everything. Thank you for your support and advice

Mi Buns            

 We have worked with Food Safety Guru for the past five years and we thoroughly recommend them to any hospitality business. They are very supportive of our business and offer sensible, actionable advice.

Working with Food Safety Guru gives us peace of mind that we are always up to date with the latest legislation.

They are a great team to work with.”

The Cherry Tree       Copthorne


“Thanks so much for your support and advice our inspector couldn’t believe the difference in our business and we now proudly display a Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating on our door – we love working with you guys!”

Conti Catering             Romford

“My kitchen team have got on brilliantly with the Food Safety Guru System. We have just had our inspection. Our inspector was extremely impressed with our paperwork and kitchen procedures and awarded us a Level 5!”

King William IV       Mickleham

“Very professional, the Food Safety Guru team do exactly what they say, and more. The system is great and the service and support is first rate. We got our Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating and I totally recommend this to any food business”

The Three Crowns, Wisborough Green

“We store our stock in the cellar of our very old building and thought we could never get a Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating. Food Safety Guru told us we could and gave us some “top” advice. We were also worried what our Environmental Health Inspector would say to a new way of working. Our Inspector was really impressed, said it was simple, effective and very professional. We got our Level 5 – whoopee!”

Crown and Anchor, Chiswick

“The advice given by Food Safety Guru was invaluable.

The food safety system is very streamlined and easy to use. The design of the daily checksheets is very good as our chefs do not forget to complete their records as it is so easy on clipboards in our kitchen.

So pleased with our Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating – we highly recommend this system.”


Poole Brewhouse and Kitchen

“Top Team! Just received my first rating! 5!!!!!”

Johnny Walls

“An amazing app, so easy to use. All the paperwork, check lists etc in one app that can be easily accessed by our staff, the directors, managers and EHO’s. Food Safety Guru keeps us up to date with current legislation and they explain things very clearly so we can implement their recommendations in our business. We finally had our inspection and we achieved 5 stars! Thank you Food Safety Guru!”

Popti & Beast

“FSG have been fantastic in aiding me to get a 5 star rating with the local authority. The previous owners of this particular establishment managed to drive the rating down to 1, with the support and advice from FSG my inspection could not have gone any better. I would recommend Food Safety Guru to any business involved in the hospitality industry.”

The White Swan, Whitchurch

“We really struggled using the council food safety pack so though we would give Food Safety Guru a go. Brilliant, it is very straight forward and easy to use – just like they say. An added bonus is their advice and support whenever we need it.”

The Oak W12

“We have some specialist cooking procedures but this was no problem for Food Safety Guru. They provided us with tailor made HACCP procedures and monitoring sheets. Our Environmental Health Inspector was very pleased.”

The Bird in Hand W14

“Great news today, we got our Level 5! Thank you Food Safety Guru Team for being so amazingly helpful.”

Yim Wah Restaurant Cambridge

“With increasing customer awareness we were getting worried (had a Level 3). We used Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) but kept forgetting to fill it in! The FSG system is much better for us as we can’t miss the clipboards on the wall. Brilliant, it works for us – we now have a Level 5.”

The Woodman, Battersea

“Really recommend this! With over 20 years experience in this industry this is by far the best and easiest system I have ever worked with –So much easier to use than Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) and along with some great advice from the Food Safety Guru team it got us a Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating.”

Dorchester Brewhouse and Kitchen

“Excellent system – even our chefs are happy. We easily got our Level 5 following Food Safety Guru’s clear guidance. Would I recommend using this system? Without hesitation!

The Queens Head Barnes Green

“Great advice and support and great food safety system. Food Safety Guru tailored our check sheets specifically for our business – so helpful. Displaying a Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating is very important for our business. We have achieved this and retained it at our last inspection – thanks!”

Purple Poppadum Cardiff

“We are over the moon as we were awarded a Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating today. Thank you, we could not have done it without your food safety system plus your practical advice”

Fernandos Reading

“Thanks for all your help. Got our Level 5 on the door – cheers!

The Copt Oak

“Fantastic service from the Food Safety Guru Team. Their Food safety System is the absolute best system we have ever used. Our kitchen team get on well with it and it got us our Level 5 Food Hygiene rating.”

The Dragon                  Colegate

“Thanks Guys. Just to let you know we had our council inspection today and got our 5 stars. We couldn’t have done it without your help.

Thanks again.

The Hart                                       Northampton

“My team find the Food Safety Guru guidelines and check sheets so easy to use. Because they are so logical, my team consistently follow the correct procedures and fill in all the required records and check sheets daily. This is the most sensible and helpful food safety system I have used – I recommend it!”

Morts Wine Bar

“Absolutely fantastic company to work with, The knowledge and help we have received has been superb.”


“Switched to using this system last year. Been the best thing for my food safety management. Cut down on actual paper usage and everything I need is stored in one place for easy access. Recently got a 5 rating from the EHO, who were impressed by the thoroughness of the system. Cannot recommend highly enough for the amount of stress that’s been taken from me.”

Robert Scott

“Our Head Chef and his team love how easy the digital system is to use. The virtual audits are a great additional service to keep everyone on their toes which helped us recently be awarded another 5 star from the EHO! Thanks FSG.”

The Kinderton

“Money well spent. I only wish we had found your company sooner.”

The Limetree

We had a nightmare start when we opened our business as we were given only 1 star food safety rating. We got Food Safety Guru involved and we now use their food safety system. They gave very good advice so we asked for a reinspection. We are very pleased as we got a level 5 and the inspector was very happy. Would recommend to any restaurant

Farm Fried Chicken

“Thank you, your help and advice has been invaluable. Today we were issued with our Level 5 Food Hygiene, onwards and upwards!”

Rykas Café

“Added bonus is that our insurers asked for our risk assessments and were really impressed with the FSG paperwork. Happy insurers and we got a Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating! Thank you for focussing us on the important things. Works throughout our business.”

La Casa, Weybridge

“We used Safer Food Better Business for 3 years but still only had a Level 3. Bought the FSG pack – sensible, straight forward approach. So much easier to use AND we were awarded a Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating. Very happy to recommend this – worth every penny and much more, thank you!”

Fireside Lounge, Caerphilly

“We have used Food Safety Guru for the last 2 years and think the whole team are fantastic. Always there when we need them and they keep us on track. They helped us get our first Level 5 and then helped us keep it. Our EHO is very pleased with all our systems.”

The Six Bells, Newdigate

“Opening our new restaurant was a busy time but using Food Safety Guru for our kitchen safety set up helped us enormously. As a high profile restaurant a Level 5 food hygiene was essential so we had no space for error. We got a Level 5 at our initial inspection and will continue working with FSG to make sure we retain it at our next inspection.”

Rosso Restaurant Manchester

“My paperwork was a headache until I came across Food Safety Guru. Fantastic, I wish I had found you years ago. Your Food Safety System has saved me so much time and your help has been most appreciated. Please direct potential clients my way if they want a testimonial as I am a raving fan!”

The Drawing Room

“Had our first EHO Inspection today and got a Level 5! The inspector was most impressed with our paperwork. Thanks so much.

The Waterside Inn         Mount Sorrel

“Excellent Food Safety System, got us a Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating and keeps our business in check. Love the weekly emails”


B&K Southampton

“We had a problem and were slapped with a Level 1 Food Hygiene rating. We called upon Food safety Guru and they turned us around at breakneck speed. We implemented their Food safety System and followed all their invaluable advice. We are pleased to say we requested a reinspection from our local council and were awarded a level 5 Food Hygiene Rating. Amazing work. Thanks to the FSG team.”

The Beeches                      Ashby de la Zouch