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If you give sandwiches or salads more than one day shelf life, what are your procedures for ensuring they are safe to eat after the first day?

All is fine when they are stored in the kitchen fridge but what happens when they are stored in display chillers?

Top 3 rules for safe storage of sandwiches and salads in display chillers:-

1.   Store under strict temperature control (8°C or less, ideally less than 5°C). You can be pretty sure this is controlled when the sandwiches are stored in your fridges but are you sure of the temperature when they are stored in open display counters?

2.   Don’t rely on the chiller display readout. Often the unit display will give you a lower reading than the actual food temperature.  The temperature display is showing the air temperature of the coldest part of the unit (the base well).  However, the temperature of the shelves within the unit will fluctuate so double check the temperature of the food.

3.   If you keep any high-risk protein items for more than 4 hours in these units, or if you are planning to reuse them the next day, check the food temperature at the END of service. Less than 8°C it can be reused, more than 8°C it must be disposed of.


The critical time for taking the temperature of foods stored in display chillers is at the END of service as this will determine your next action.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that if you laid all the sandwiches eaten in the UK every year end to end, they would go around the world about 44 times!

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