Tip of the Week

When preparing and serving raw fish, there are additional hazards which need to managed.

There are also legal requirements regarding fish to be eaten raw or almost raw so specific procedures need to be put in place.

Make sure you have your due diligence procedures in place:-

  • Only use fish labelled as sushi grade for any raw or semi raw fish dishes
  • Keep a copy of your fish certificate or label identifying the fish as “Sushi Grade or suitable for eating raw” (we can upload this into your digital system)
  • Fresh fish deliveries should be delivered at less than 4°C (ideally less than 2°C)
  • Place under refrigeration immediately after delivery
  • Keep raw fish under refrigeration at less than 4°C (ideally less than 2°C)
  • Ensure no risk of cross contamination in storage and in preparation
  • Prepare quickly to minimize the time the fish is out of refrigerated temperature control
  • Check and record the pH of all batches of sushi rice daily


It is essential to have a written HACCP procedure if you serve raw fish dishes (speak to us at Food Safety Guru if you need a procedure for sushi, sashimi, smoking, curing or serving carpaccio).

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that prawns have five pairs of legs.  Although they swim using their tail, their usual way to get about is by walking sideways on the sea floor.