Tip of the Week

Single use plastic cutlery, bowls, plates, cups and takeaway containers are banned in England from this week.

A similar ban is already in place in Scotland since June 2022 and a ban in Wales will come into force later in 2023.

The ban includes: –

  • Single use plastic cutlery
  • Single use plastic plates
  • Single use foamed, polystyrene food containers
  • Single use foamed, polystyrene cups and drinks containers

As an alternative, we recommend moving to compostable cutlery and crockery. Compostable cutlery and plates can be disposed of with your food waste so there is no need to scrape food off plates – it all goes into the same food waste recycling bin



Compostable cutlery and plates/takeaway containers also look good so will be appealing to your audience

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that a plastic fork can take 200 years to decompose!